stair types and design

The simpler the stair design, the cheaper and easier stair manufacture is.

If you know exactly the stair you want and can provide us with a technical drawing including measurements you sign off on, then we can make to your specification and assume no responsibility for later fitting. More often than not though, you or your builder will wait for wall framing to be in place before asking us to measure and subsequently manufacture a stair that meets stringent set guidelines. A free no obligation quote can be provided prior to this on rough measurements.

We mainly build carpet/paint finished MDF stairs and solid timber stairs and floating treads. Either can be very straightforward (Straight flight- i.e no turns/landings or 'kites') or very difficult spirals with full turned ballustrading. We have extensive experience in the entire range of options.

Be aware there are a myriad of little traps for designing your own stair so get advice! Click here to see the latest documentation surrounding stairs and access ways if you are interested.


MDF Paint/Carpet finish

We manufacture MDF stairs to modern standards with rebated treads, checks and wedges to eliminate any squeaks or movement, and remain solid for life. Straight flights can be extremely cost effective, and we will also supply you / your builder / installer with full length handrails and brackets in a variety of standard profiles.

For flights with corners (kites or landings) manufacture is slightly more difficult, but the result is just as good.

Time frames for construction are generally within 1 week from measure to delivery as long as advance notice allows us to book into our schedule.


Solid timber stairs and handrails / ballustrading

Warm and inviting or dark, bold and dominating, solid timber stairways and turned wood balustrades are both a joy for us to work on, and an impressive feature for you in your new house.

Starting point for this type of joinery is to obtain a design (we can assist) and work out a budget / quote. Timber features, finished properly for Wanaka's climate, are expensive items and need to be fully scoped out prior to proceeding further to ensure your budget can meet it.

Once decided the actual manufacturing time frame is exponentially longer and more complex that those detailed above - be prepared for a reasonable wait. Additionally at all stages we need to be able to liaise with architects, builders and other sub-trades in order to avoid conflicting priorities and ensure the stair will fit when it is ready, without being impeded by already completed features (for example, a spiral staircase needs to be able to fit in one piece through an entrance way)