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Ongoing Relationship Benefits

As a professional we have an ongoing relationship with, there are significant advantages to you and your clients in savings, timeliness and preferential benefits. Savings come in up front fees for the design and quote process, high quantity qualification and appliance (extractors for example) sourcing. As a lead contractor that we want to retain a favorable reputation with, we promise to do everything we can do to ensure we do not hold up a project (as long as time frames are agreed and we are not adversely affected by other sub-trades) and will prioritise your work accordingly where conflicting projects arise, ultimately benefiting your invoicing cycle and your client.



Historically, drawings have been sent through with a request to quote to all sub-trades based upon the floor plan and some additional detail to varying levels of detail. As far as Kitchen joinery goes, this is almost impossible to quote and ensure we are comparable 'apples-for-apples' with any other joinery quote. For accurate pricing and specification we need to either design and specify a kitchen from scratch (fully refundable fees apply*) or else we are supplied with a design and specification we know others are going to be quoting off directly.



We can deal directly with your client or liaise through your build/design company. We can start a design or quote from any stage your clients are at with ideas and sketches whether it is a new build or renovation. If you provide us with full dimensioned, joinery drawings and specifications - we can quote free of charge.



We can up-spec a design by use of products and scale of the joinery and can design specifically for show homes. High spec kitchens have few design limitations and will be an excellent point of difference. Mt Iron Joinery can also provide an opportunity to work with you to design a standard kitchen and laundry layout for your quantity builds. 



We understand how important time frames are on a building site hence our ability to keep to a quick turn around time and prioritise new builds.



Wanaka is a forward moving place and we ensure we are always ahead with trends and top quality products on the market through our trusted suppliers. We have all of our product information at our finger tips.

If you want to deal with the same people from start to finish and have a quick response every time - choose quality, choose local.


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